Search for the hero inside your…


…data centre – and it might not be what you think. The UPS may be critical, but the battery that powers it is the true unsung hero: the component that can never fail.

In a data centre, even one second without power is a death knell. So, a reliable, effective stored energy solution is essential. That’s why EnerSys – the global manufacturer of UPS batteries – is the heart of the data centre. EnerSys offers not just one but four batteries developed to meet the unique demands of the application.

Lead-Acid battery technology currently dominates the data centre sector. In fact, more than 90% of UPS batteries use this type of chemistry. Naturally EnerSys has a battery utilising this proven technology, in the DataSafe HX. This uses Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Absorbent Glass Mat technology, for an optimum footprint and volume efficiency.

However, there is also a more advanced version of Lead-Acid available – known as Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) – which EnerSys uses in its DataSafe XE and DataSafe HX Plus batteries.

Utilising TPPL technology the DataSafe HX Plus offers a longer design life and excellent power density with a 25% longer service life than those using comparable traditional VRLA. The EnerSys DataSafe XE is specifically designed to support shorter run times (sub 5 minutes), even in higher ambient temperatures. Both DataSafe HX Plus and DataSafe XE are 95% recyclable through an established infrastructure. They can also both be safely operated without the need for a battery management system.

Operating at higher temperatures than Lead-Acid, TPPL batteries help to reduce the need for (and the cost of) air conditioning. TPPL technology also has very short recharge times and time to repeat duty, so even repeated mains outages are less of a threat.

The fourth battery from EnerSys in its data centre range is the PowerSafe SBS. This uses PowerSafe SBS EON Technology, which provides all the benefits of TPPL, together with cyclic ability. For requirements beyond pure standby – such as peak shaving and grid support – the proven PowerSafe SBS EON Technology provides long float characteristics, plus exceptional cyclic performance with fast charge capability.

As data centres face increasing demands to increase efficiency and productivity with enhanced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), lower energy use and fewer emissions, the right choice of UPS battery can go a long way to addressing the issues. Choosing from a range developed for data centres is a shortcut to finding a hero able to live up to the challenge.


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