SES Water rolls out water saving visits in schools, repairing hundreds of hidden leaks for free 


In the past year SES Water has repaired 360 leaks in 89 schools across its supply area, helping to save nearly 320,000 litres of water per day.

At the same time, more than 1,000 water saving devices have been fitted in the schools for free, including: 561 ‘save a flush’ bags, which reduce the amount of water needed to flush a toilet each time, 419 tap inserts, which regulate the water flow rate, 58 urinal flush controls and 25 water efficient showerheads.

If any leaks are found they are repaired for free during the visit and a follow up report is then shared with the school, outlining what has been fitted or fixed and how much water has been saved.

Water Strategy Manager at SES Water, Alison Murphy, said, “Booking is simple and could potentially help save you water and energy, not to mention money on your bills. One leaking toilet alone, for example, could be adding around £300 a year onto your water bill. If we all save a little, together we all save a lot. Every drop really does count.”

Tadgh, school business manager at St Teresa’s, Merton, said, “It was a marvellous service. Following the visit our night time waste reduced from 800 litres per hour to more or less nothing.

“In addition to a number of smaller issues, loads of hippo bags and other efficiency improvements, Groundwork found a 68 litre per hour leak. This will save us the £2k gas-based investigation costs and perhaps more in other follow up costs.

“After receiving the report we shared with all schools in the Borough and would very much recommend to other schools.”

If you work for or know a school in SES Water’s supply area which could benefit, email


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