Sigma energy management software; ‘better decisions, quicker’


Team says its Sigma energy management software enables businesses to optimise their energy management strategy with a structured, co-ordinated and integrated approach to managing energy.

Make energy an integral part of running your organisation with Sigma energy management software:

  • Comprehensive data management to help manage and monitor energy estates and sustain carbon reduction
  • Multi-dimensional analysis to support proactive energy management and improve efficiency
  • Report collaboration and distribution to increase stakeholder engagement and management agility
  • Maximise cost recoveries with query management functions and KPI tracking
  • Produce advanced energy and emissions reports suitable for UK regulations

Sigma Energy Management software has a modernised, refreshed look and feel plus a revolutionary reporting tool; Sigma Energy Intelligence.

Sigma Energy Intelligence, better known as Sigma EI is a modern, clean and intuitive business intelligence and analytics module with several innovative capabilities, all made possible by the integration of Yellowfin. Yellowfin provides a Business Intelligence and analytics platform aimed at solving real enterprise analytics challenges and helping business people understand not only what happened, but why. Yellowfin were selected by TEAM for their third-party referrals from Gartner and Forrester, two of the leading and most influential research and advisory firms in the world.

Sigma EI puts data at the heart of energy reporting, helping organisations become insights-driven.

Bring energy data to life

Sigma EI’s self-serve reporting feature is a responsive, easy to use drag and drop report builder which brings energy data to life with interactive visualisations. A perfect report with energy related data is available in seconds.

Proactive energy management

Sigma EI’s multi-dimensional analysis supports proactive energy management. Through Advanced Analytics users can get to the “why” faster; adding greater value to understanding data and how it is being used. Controlling data through Sigma EI reduces the occurrence of unforeseen surprises.

Quantify your energy savings

The KPI tracking feature within Sigma gives ultimate flexibility for staying on track by categorising and grouping energy data to suit an organisation’s needs within set time periods. Results can be instantly reviewed against business objectives and savings can be quantified.

Shared energy insights

Sigma can improve operational efficiency by managing report delivery, distribution and collaboration.

Sigma EI is an end-to-end energy collaboration platform and “in-application” discussions, accommodating annotations, attachments, link sharing and comments, facilitates shared insights that are accessible to numerous stakeholders from anywhere.

Presentation and storyboarding tools enables the creation of slide shows of the reports with added features such as text, images and videos.

Self-serve reporting is enhanced with mapping and location intelligence which adds geographical context to energy data.

Display data

Sigma EI has been designed to be intuitive and easy for users to fulfil their needs quickly. Dashboards can evolve in line with the business and energy management needs and user’s changing requirements.

The spectrum of features continues and includes; alerting – notifications when key metrics fall outside predefined thresholds; a library of over 50 graphs types to help users communicate complex information; report configurability with SQL; data column filtering to shape the data according to the business needs; and numerous export formats.

Take control of your energy data today and visit or call us on 01908 041315 today to speak to one of our team.


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