Simec floats tidal-powered data centre via private wire


Simec Atlantis thinks its tidal arrays can power a data centre in Caithness, Scotland.

If it can find a partner, the company believes a power purchase agreement could help fund its expansion plans. It currently has to compete for subsidy with more mature technologies.

Simec said it is in talks “with world leading data centre operators” about the plan, and is working with engineering firm AECOM on feasibility and systems design.

If it can strike a deal, the aim is for a tidal-powered data centre to be operational by 2024 to coincide with planned capacity expansion, though Simec said it could power a smaller data centre module  from the existing 6MW operational turbines.

The data centre would also need grid back-up, but Simec said other renewables projects in the area could provide power via the private wire network.

Simec Atlantis CEO, Tim Cornelius, said Meygen has “many of the ingredients to provide clean power to the data centre, including a large grid connection agreement, proximity to international fibre optic connections and persistent cool weather”.

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