Smart grid start-up lands £1m DSR competition funding

Richard Ryan (left) and Ed Ross.

Start-up GridIMP has been awarded some £980,000 funding under the government’s non-domestic demand-side response (DSR) competition. It will use the money to deploy its automated DSR technology at a school in Somerset before launching it to businesses.

GridIMP is working with EDF Energy Research & Development UK on the trial at Wells Cathedral School, where it will install a fully automated electricity management system that uses machine learning to optimise demand-side response – without the end user having to do anything.

The firm’s co-founders recently explained to The Energyst how their system works (see this link, p58), outlining hopes that by designing an open system using ZigBee standards, more businesses – and ultimately households – will provide flexibility.

The system learns host energy consumption patterns and then optimises responses to deliver around those periods. The more it learns, the more it optimises, without interfering with business operations, according to the company.

The funding “enables GridIMP to take the project through to commercial reality”, said commercial director Richard Ryan, while technical director Ed Ross said it should also help enable “a paradigm shift in the way that we understand consumer energy use”.

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