Smart lighting controls for industrial buildings: Up to 90 per cent savings

Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse

The Sylvania SylSmart Connected Industry takes the benefits of wireless technology and advanced lighting controls and places them in a robust form factor for tough environments such as warehouses and factories. Smart lighting controls are no longer just for office and hospitality spaces; warehouses and industrial environments can now take advantage where energy savings and cost reductions are as equally important.

Sylvania Smart Connected Industry can be easily and rapidly installed, which is extremely important in a space that may well be in operation 24 hours a day. The system is simple to commission, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime for the business and with wireless communications can also be of benefit as a vast number of installations in warehouse and industrial applications will be at height, so a safe and time-efficient working environment is required without lots of installation disruption from needing to pull new cables.

Industrial applications have many different areas of use, and a solution that is flexible to meet these different needs is key. As your business requirements change, your facility layout needs to adapt. SylSmart controls can be recommissioned and adapts to changes with minimal disruption to your business and all without complex re-programming software, just an intuitive web browser-based floor plan putting the control back into your hands.

Intelligent controls deliver maximum energy savings. Each luminaire is enabled with occupancy and daylight sensing and highly advanced communications. Each luminaire can report its operating status and energy consumption on a granular level providing you with insight into the operational efficiency of your building. With more advanced monitoring capabilities possible through our partners, SylSmart Connected Industry can also help reduce operational costs beyond lighting itself but through the lighting infrastructure.

A robust system is only as strong as its weakest link. SylSmart Connected Industry has been designed to meet the challenges of industrial environments by using robust and secure wireless frequencies combined with tough and highly capable industrial grade sensors and luminaires.


By utilising Sylvania SylSmart Connected Industry, building owners and energy managers can already benefit from significant energy savings. Smarter lighting controls combined with energy monitoring and central control can deliver up to 90 per cent energy saving.

A factory in Germany has achieved 82 per cent energy savings over a two-year, three-month period thanks to the solution provided by Sylvania and E.ON. Our own warehouse in Le-Plessis Belleville is currently saving 84 per cent with a peak saving of 90 per cent during night time hours. We parallel installed LED luminaires with one PIR per luminaire in an adjacent cell and we demonstrated that intelligent networking between luminaires not only improves occupancy comfort, it also increase energy saving by over 30 per cent as we can fine tune the system settings and remove needless times when lights remain on and employ distributed and energy compounded incremental energy savings luminaire by luminaire leading to a significant total energy saving.



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