Goodlight: 3,000 LED lights at car parks save owners 80 per cent


NeuxPark have completed a major Goodlight LED project to refit the lighting in four international station car parks in the South of England with long life, energy efficient LED lamps and luminaires from the Goodlight range. 3,000 LED luminaires including 400 emergency kits were installed in multi-storey and open car parks across these sites, providing the car park owners with up to 80 per cent energy savings.

NeuxPark, an approved partner for Goodlight, installed a selection of Goodlight LED lights which supports a five year guarantee and a specified 50,000 hour lifespan. These included G360 LED SON Lamps which deliver a high lumen output of 140Lm/W brightness from its 360° beam angle. Due to its advanced cooling system, the G360 LED chips can be run up to 30% brighter, which is perfect for a car park environment. Also specified were retrofit T8 LED Tubes that achieve up to an impressive 120Lm/W brightness. Eco LED Battens were also chosen together with Emergency Self-Test versions, delivering up to 110Lm/W. In addition, GX1 LED Low Bays were selected, delivering a bright output of 110Lm/W.

Commenting on the project, Richard Jenkins, Technical Director at NeuxPark said, “It was at the forefront of the clients specification to deliver the following end result – reduced carbon footprint, lower energy consumption, commercial cost reduction, safer working and public environments, zero maintenance cost, quality well-built products, increased lumen output and enhanced lux levels for this high risk environment. The Goodlight LED products met every requirement and together Goodlight and NeuxPark delivered an exceptional end result.”


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