Smart meters trial ‘helps homes slash average 49% from bills’, says optimisation supplier


A two-year, small-scale smart meter trial backed by Beis points to potential for solar- and battery-equipped homes to slash their bills almost in half, software providers associated with the pilot say.

Impressive results – Geo’s Whole Home Optimisation system reduces household bills by 49%by linking to the home’s smart meter

Known as Core4Grid, the trial was funded by Beis’ Energy Innovation Programme, in partnerships including EdF and UK Power Networks, and the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust. It set out to manage and optimise use of rooftop solar generation and home battery storage.  

For two years ending this February, its two dozen homes were supplied under EdF’s GoElectric 98 tariff, which offers 98 hours of off-peak energy a week at 8p/kWh, or with the Economy7 tariff.

For the study, Cambridge-based Geo provided Whole Home Optimisation, its usage management platform and analysis tool. The technology predicts and manages self-stored clean energy’s best use in meeting daily household demand. 

The WHO system can rapidly and independently increase or reduce the amount of electricity drawn from the grid, mopping up renewable energy when most abundant and reducing stress on the grid during periods of peak demand.

Steve Cunningham, Geo’s CEO said, “The Core4Grid trial is the clearest proof to date of the immense potential of Great Britain’s smart meter rollout to homes across the country,” 

“Whole Home Optimisation is driven by real-time smart meter data, allowing us to predict and balance individual household energy usage to save consumers far more than UK Government had initially estimated for the rollout.”

Energy Minister Lord Callanan said: “Millions of households are already benefiting from smart meters that are putting them in charge of their energy use and cutting their bills. 

“Now, thanks to almost £1 million of government funding, the Core4Grid trial is showing how smart meters can link to other innovative technologies to further drive down costs for homeowners and help tackle climate change by effectively managing their energy needs.”


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