Smartest Energy to manage Enel’s 25MW Tynemouth battery


Smartest Energy is to provide commercial services for Enel’s 25MW battery in Tynemouth.

The Italian utility acquired the project last May from developer Element Power, putting the cost of acquisition and construction of the facility, which has a four year enhanced frequency response (EFR) contract with National Grid, at around £17m.

Enel acquired aggregator Enernoc the following month, but aggregator/supplier Smartest Energy will supply energy to and handle the offtake from the 25MW battery as well as provide services support the EFR contract.

Angus Widdowson, business development manager for asset optimisation at Smartest Energy, said the firm is working with “a number of other storage developers” and expects to see more battery projects commission as costs fall.

Owned by Japan’s Marubeni Corporation, Smartest Energy buys power directly from around 500 renewable generators. It also supplies power to some 2,000 UK businesses.

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