Socomec’s Ultimate Modular UPS: why genuine modularity matters


With the digitalisation of industry, first generation infrastructure designs are demonstrating shortcomings and are too rigid to meet future demands – making a more flexible and modular approach to uninterruptible power supplies increasingly important.

End users, however, need to be wary of the buzzword ‘modular’, which sometimes describes systems that do not offer the true benefits of modularity.

In a series of interviews, Phil Dunn, UK Sales Manager Critical Power, addresses some of the toughest questions facing organisations today when it comes to UPS design, performance and innovation.

How can UPS design prevent failures and optimise maintenance?

The rapid repair times associated with the latest modular configurations can reduce MTTR significantly – and modularity means that issues can be isolated. Risk is reduced, as any part of the system can be removed while the UPS remains live.

Watch the video to find out more.

The first in this series of videos, tackles the question: ‘Can next generation UPS increase resilience through modularity?’ To view the full series click here.


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