British solar engineering innovators Naked Energy have signed their latest European distribution deal with Axioma Service, Lithuania‘s leading provider of comprehensive engineering services.

Linking generation of electricity & of heat in a single frame, Crawley-based Naked says its panels command solar technology’s highest energy density in the world.

Outputting both electricity and heat, its Virtu range of panels are claimed to deliver up to 3.5 times the carbon savings per surface area achieved by conventional solar PV modules.

With distribution deals already secured in Estonia, Spain and Greece, Naked Energy’s latest partnership will see its cutting-edge solar thermal technology distributed to Axioma’s clients as they future-proofing their energy needs across the Baltic state.

The firm was formed in 2009. Christophe Williams is its CEO.  It says its products, with their uniquely high energy density, are capable of decarbonising heat cost effectively, particularly where roof space is limited.

With a focus on the ‘negawatts’ of energy efficiency, Axioma has built a strong reputation over the past two decades in installation and maintenance of energy management across industries including manufacturing, food and drink, as well as the energy sector.

Lithuania, not lithium

Energy security is a priority for Lithuania, since the country’s supply of natural gas is entirely imported.

It was the first EU country to suspend all Russian gas imports, in response to Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked assault on Ukraine in February 2022.

Lithuania further accelerated its energy independence, investing heavily in solar energy and decreeing that one-third of households should generate their own electricity by 2030.

Marketed under the VirtuHOT brand, Naked Energy’s dual collector recently received the gold standard TÜV international certification.

CEO Christophe Williams welcomed the deal: “We’re excited to be working with Axioma Service. They’re well established across Lithuania, and the company shares our commitment to sustainability.

“Axioma’s 20 years in the industry means they have unparalleled knowledge of the Lithuanian industrial sector. Together, our technology will make heating systems across the country more efficient, aiding Lithuania’s transition to renewable heat.”

Axioma’s commercial director Gintautas Gaižauskas replied: “In our day-to-day operations, we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and new products that would enable our customers to be more efficient and greener.

“Naked Energy’s technologies perfectly meet these requirements and we are happy to have them in our portfolio of products and services.”

The agreement was brokered by Ott Kullerkupp, CEO of OJ Ventilation and Naked Energy’s Ambassador for the Nordics, Baltics and Spain. 


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