Sponsored post – What lower oil prices mean for your firm’s next energy contract



In this sponsored post, CUB says market forces make it a good time to think about locking in keen energy prices for years to come.

2014 is now a dwindling memory as we look towards the possibilities of 2015. The year has begun not only with a bang from celebratory fireworks but also with a sudden plunge in the FTSE100 as oil prices have dropped to their lowest in over 5 years to around $50 a barrel. For fuel users, both domestic and commercial, this sudden drop in price has been met with open arms. 2015 looks to be a year of change, growth, prosperity and generally happier times for all of us. This has of course started with the sudden drop in oil price, which led to the drop in fuel price, and has been followed by a fall in commercial energy prices.

It is worth noting that decreasing fuel prices will mean that the general population will have more disposable income. This means that other industries could see a boost in sales. This fall in fuel prices has come at the best of times, as wages have remained stagnant and the cost of living been increasing in the United Kingdom. In 2014, energy prices rises saw a lot of people stressed and worrying about their financials so this new situation is a welcome change.

This price drop will not last forever and it is best to take full advantage of it whilst you can. These prices will more than likely creep or rocket back to their previous position; this is because gas and oil is an expensive commodity. They are of limited supply, which will ultimately mean that the price will rise due to the scarcity of the resource. It may however, drop further in price before it starts to rise again.

Now could be a good time to think about renewing your electricity or gas contract to take advantage of the lower commercial energy prices. Many businesses are unaware that they do not have to wait until they are nearing the end of their current contract to sign up for their next contract.  Even if your contract is not due for renewal until 2016, or even 2018, many suppliers will be able to quote you a bespoke price now.

Energy Price Monitoring tools are available to all business users and are particularly significant in today’s market. These tools help you track the market and establish a budget/target price. Then you are alerted when the market hits the level where you can achieve your budgeted price. CUB (UK) Ltd’s Energy Price Monitoring tool is used by many of their clients, providing great benefits and ensuring they sign their next contract at the  right price and at the right time.

For more information about energy price monitoring, visit www.c-u-b.com


  1. Until we invest heavily in renewable energy, we will always be at the mercy of the Big 6. It feels like everyone is playing for time and not taking the possibility of running out of energy seriously. This is a really serious issue for the population of GB…If we see a new government lets hope they have the b….to go in feet first with the conglomerates and tackle this issue once and for all.


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