St Austell and ScottishPower to install 300 EV chargers across South West


St Austell Brewery has announced a new partnership with ScottishPower to install more than 300 new public EV chargers in pub car parks across the South West of England.

Currently the electrical infrastructure in the South West is sparse, with Cornwall Council estimating that there are about 450 EV charging points in the county.

The partnership is set to boost the number of charging points by about 60%, installing rapid and ultra-rapid units across the region.

St Austell Brewery has more than160 pubs in its estate and a leading wholesale business across the region.

Committed to achieving net zero emissions across its operations by 2040, the company has already upgraded its company car fleet and installed EV chargers for employees driving hybrid or electric vehicles across all its head offices.

Paul Hine, Supply Chain Director, St Austell Brewery said, “We have a proud history of innovation so working with ScottishPower to install electric car chargers was a great way to prepare our pubs for an electric future. For us, going greener makes good business sense.

“We know that investing in this green tech will help us reduce our carbon footprint and thanks to ScottishPower we have been able to do this at scale.”

Andrew Mouat, Head of Smart Mobility at ScottishPower, said: “At ScottishPower, we want to help businesses integrate green tech into their operations to allow their customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle while creating a new revenue stream.

“We help business leaders find the best chargers for their carparks, manage and cover the cost of installation, and service the units for the term of the contract.”


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