Sunny jobs up top: PV installer is “best job for 2023”, say recruiters


Being a solar installer is ranked as the best job to have in the UK this year, judged among twenty alternatives, against factors including demand for staff, salary & workplace flexibility, new research finds.

Soaring demand for PV installations has pushed employers’ demand for skilled staff up more than fourfold since 2020, an assessment from online recruitment platform Indeed claims.

The skilled, green-collar trade pays an average salary of £ 33,613 to a qualified UK technician.  That’s among the lowest pay in the recruiters’ ranking of those 20 most attractive roles this year.

But Indeed’s method balances pay against quality of working environment, long-term viability of the sector and social utility guarantee workers’ sense of worth.

“Indeed’s 2023 best jobs list clearly highlights trends within our society”, Danny Stacy, the firm’s senior manager for talent intelligence commented.

“Solar Installers claiming the top spot for the best job in the UK reveals the increasing importance of sustainability, driven by the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency”.

Connecting, commissioning and maintaining systems now accounts for 87 solar installer jobs per million UK workers.  Around one in six work remotely, the researchers found.

Other green collar jobs featuring in Indeed’s top twenty for 2023 include sustainability consultants, ranked at No 3. Average salaries are just over £40,000, with 137 jobs per million of the working population.

At No 17, around 419 workers per million are environmental managers, earning just under £37,000 per year. One in six work from home.

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