Taking stock of power security: ensuring reliability for Shanghai Stock Exchange


ABB’s robust low-voltage switchgear is providing high reliability for the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Mission critical applications, such as these, are increasingly looking for digital solutions with built-in intelligence, to enable remote operation and monitoring 

The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) is the world’s fifth largest by market capitalisation. The fallout of a loss of power to keep the information flowing would cause financial shockwaves around the globe. This is why the SSE Jinqiao Technology Centre project  required a robust switchgear solution to guarantee power security and minimise downtime.

To support the safe, efficient and reliable operation of the data centre, ABB is providing more than 1,500 units of MNS low-voltage switchgear. This is the equivalent of 900 metres of switchgear, when placed end to end. In an electric power system, switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. The ABB MNS low-voltage switchgear will provide high security and reliability features for the project.

With a modular design, the product allows for the easy replacement of functional units without outage, ensuring the minimum possible downtime and impact. To enable easy replacement, the MNS is designed to ensure that the isolator handle and interlocking mechanism are combined. Modules are withdrawable and, in case of disturbance or disruption, can be easily replaced on site. The modules can be exchanged without the use of tools, to ensure that any downtime is minimised.

The MNS arc-resistant design and material also ensures the highest levels of operator safety and meets the anti-seismic and anti-impact requirements of the installation. With this type of electrical switchgear, there is always a remote possibility that an arc could occur, which could be attributed to site conditions, human error and/or incorrect maintenance procedures.

However, ABB’s MNS system has been designed to ensure that the possibility of an arc occurring within the switchgear is remote.  Since 1979, MNS has also been extensively tested to ensure that, in the event of an arc occurring, the arc is limited to the area of ignition and is contained within the switchgear.

This is achieved through the use of gas tight seals and constructional designs that severely limit arc propagation, thus providing the highest level of safety to operational personnel. A flexible and compact solution, with rear cable access, the design enables the customer to optimise the layout of the installation and save valuable space. The solution will help ensure the stable operation of China’s capital market and promote the growth of Shanghai’s international financial centre.

“We are honoured to support SSE’s data centre,” said James Zhao, lead division manager, electrification products, China.

“In the future, we will vigorously promote the ABB Ability digital solutions and our strength in technical innovation, helping customers create more value and providing intelligent green power for the data centre industry.”

Intelligent switchgear

Since the first digital switchgear, MNS iS was launched more than a decade ago, ABB has continued to innovate in this area. Its recently launched MNS Digital makes use of the latest generation of intelligent devices and cloud technology, powered by ABB Ability.

This will pave the way for connected solutions and interpretation of big data to enable higher availability and reduced operational expenditures. ABB claims to enable operating cost savings of up to 30% through MNS Digital with ABB Ability condition monitoring.

This latest solution was recently unveiled at ABB Customer World at the Hangzhou International Expo Centre, China. Building on a decade’s worth of experience in pioneering the digitalisation of switchgear with MNS iS, ABB has added the latest advances in smart electronics, edge computing and cloud technology to create a digital low-voltage switchgear solution with built-in intelligent functions, enabling remote operation, monitoring and condition-based maintenance.

MNS Digital can connect to the ABB Ability cloud platform, a local Scada (supervisory control and data acquisition) or ECMS (electrical control and monitoring system), to extended Automation System 800xA or other types of distributed process control systems (DCSs). By leveraging ABB Ability, MNS Digital offers data centre professionals insights into their operation, by making data and information available to any connected device or plant.

Powered by big data

Ralf Heinemeyer, managing director of ABB’s Electrification Solutions business unit, explains: “When switchgear is empowered with data capabilities, it gives the beating heart of any electrical system a mind and a voice. Powered by big data, it can predict problems before they happen, and opportunities not considered before.

“MNS Digital provides a complete real-time solution, with integrated data connectivity and optimised reporting to assist and enable operators to make informed choices on the maintenance, operation and performance of their platform.”

MNS Digital with ABB Ability will allow operators to make use of additional functionality such as energy management, to report on power consumption and enable cost reductions.

Ultimately, stable power supply is crucial to ensure safe and reliable operation for the financial sector and this switchgear technology will carry out condition monitoring for reduced downtime, avoiding unplanned outages, and lowering operational expenses through optimised maintenance cycles.


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