The importance of data collection and reporting


Inspired Energy outlines the importance of making use of energy data – and how to go about it – in this sponsored post.

Understanding every inch of your business is vital, especially when it comes to energy. But whether you want to keep a closer eye on costs, carbon or consumption, getting a clear picture of your energy usage can be difficult, particularly if you’re working within an organisation with a large and/or complex site portfolio.

With the UK’s move to net zero and as transparency into corporate sustainability metrics moves from a ‘nice to have’ to a requirement, most businesses are now required to collect, aggregate and report on their energy data.

Savvy businesses can see this as an opportunity. You can gain some real insight into where your business is doing well, where your efficiency could be improved and how your data can be used to optimise your own energy strategy.

So how can you go about this?

  1. Outline how your data will be used to support your strategy and energy reduction goals. Figure out what data currently exists, what you’d like to capture going forward and then agree what needs to be measured.
  2. Work out how to collect and aggregate your data (ensure your data quality at this stage!)
  3. Develop an understanding of your ‘usual’ energy consumption patterns and have a rough view of how factors such as production, occupancy and seasonality influence these.
  4. Once you have uncovered inefficiencies or areas to improve – firms must act on the analysis if they are to reap the benefits.
  5. Site improvements implemented need to be tracked to ensure success. Without continuous monitoring, many efficiency projects do not meet their expected return.

Getting a thorough understanding of your energy consumption patterns is a daunting task due to the multiplicity of data sets that have a role in the analysis. Energy management software can prove invaluable as it simplifies the process of analysing a vast amount of energy data, helping to turn it into actionable insight and leaving you to concentrate on your day job.

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