TPIs: Find out what’s going on with Ofgem’s small business review


Third party intermediaries keen to keep abreast of Ofgem’s review of the small business market might want to attend a meeting later this month in London.

Ofgem launched a review of the small business market in May, stating that a “key focus of concern … is the activities of some brokers” and that “weak broker regulation is allowing room for sharp practices”.

While the review progresses, the regulator is hosting a session for TPIs on 27 September, 1pm-4.30pm at the Museum of London Docklands, London, E14 4AL.

It will also cover a number of different areas, including switching and settlement reform, plus the Ofgem/Beis future energy retail markets review. Domestic switching sites and auto-switchers are also invited.

Those interested in attending should email

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