UK Power Networks budgets £12m for DSR, reduces entry size to 50kW

Sotiris Georgiopoulos: If you have flex, we’d like to hear from you

UK Power Networks has allocated £12 million to buy demand-side response to help manage its grids in southeast and east England.

The DNO has also extended the deadline for companies that want to participate in its next round of procurement, and reduced the minimum capacity threshold to 50kW in a bid to drive greater uptake.

Those that can provide generation of load forms of response must register by 12 March to take part. Service delivery will start from winter 2019 onwards.

Last summer UKPN indicated it could require more than 200MW of demand-side response to defer load related reinforcement over the next four years. Now the DNO needs people that can provide flexibility where it is needed to come forward.

“It is early days for the flexibility market, but we’re fully committed to it. The sums we’re investing will ultimately save customers money by extending the life of our existing infrastructure,” said UKPN head of smart grid development Sotiris Georgiopoulos.

“Could you reduce your consumption or increase generation on instruction at peak times? If so and you’re a generator or developer with assets in any of our 28 locations, or if you can install new assets by winter 2020-21, then we’d be really happy to speak to you about how you can take part.

Piclo, an online platform that matches buyers of flex with assets in the right locations, will run the auction. The 28 locations where UKPN requires flexibility can be found on the Piclo site.

Businesses can register interest via There are also more details here.

Meanwhile, the deadline to register assets for Northern Powergrid’s flexibility procurement, also via the Piclo platform, is currently midday 25 February. Details here.

WPD will issue a tender for 93MW of DSR next month.

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