Understanding the fast-paced changes in the retail energy sector



The retail energy world is changing in Great Britain. Energy prices for end consumers are increasing, driven by multiple factors. The structure of charges is under review with major implications for the economics of behind-the-meter investments in on-site generation and storage. New ways of procuring energy are appearing that bypass the traditional utility with industrial and commercial companies signing up to long-term deals with renewable generators in the form of corporate PPAs.

By joining Pöyry’s GB retail energy markets retainer service energy users can keep abreast of upcoming changes in regulation and charging structures and receive site specific energy price projections to benchmark current and future energy costs. Energy prices in Great Britain are highly locational and vary significantly across the country. However,  using retail energy models, Pöyry can project site specific electricity and gas prices with just an MPAN and a post code.

Speaking at The Energyst Event,  Robert Lee and Ali Lloyd said there are significant opportunities around on-site generation, but the complexity and economics of this needs to be fully understood and managed with expert insight.

“As energy becomes increasingly expensive, it is becoming more of a focus, so having a strategy is incredibly important, along with the knowledge of what your competition are doing,” commented Robert Lee. To view the exclusive video interview, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for the energy sector in 2019, click here



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