United Utilities and Severn Trent joint venture starts selling energy


Water Plus, the joint venture between water suppliers Severn Trent and United Utilities, has started selling energy as well as water to businesses.

The company told The Energyst it is primarily targeting small firms, touting savings of ‘up to £400’ if companies buy all of their utilities through it.

However, its website also states it has the expertise to handle supply to more complex multisite operations and that it is keen on ‘helping businesses of all sizes’.

Asked when it had launched gas and electricity services, a spokesperson said “we’ve been selling Water Plus Energy for a few months now”.

Severn Trent and United Utilities were given approval by the Competition and Markets Authority to launch the Water Plus joint venture in May 2016.

Polled in late 2016, ahead of water retail competition, some 88% of Energyst readers suggested they would procure energy and water from a single supplier if it saved them money.

However, to date only a fraction of small firms have switched supplier in the year since the non-domestic retail market opened.

Research carried out for SES Business Water by YouGov suggests just six per cent of small businesses with an office in England have switched water supplier.

However, in a statement Water Plus said “adding energy to the portfolio means we can provide a multi-utility offering – something we are seeing an increased demand for.”

The company said it will sell directly to customers and via brokers. 

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    The water retail market is changing as breakneck speed as water retail companies are now effectively becoming unity brokers and consultants
    Consider this, 3rd April 2017 literally 2 days after the water retail market opens Anglian Water Business sign an agreement with Energy supplier Corona Energy offering a consultancy and supply of water, gas and power.
    Is this not a utilities brokers and consultancy?
    Water Plus now offers the same type of deal and it looks like with the same energy supplier Corona Energy.
    So only one year into water deregulation 2 major water retail companies now offer the same services as the many energy brokers and consultants that are supplying them with water retail business!
    Were these actions kick started by low margins?
    Or indeed was this the water industry plan from day one?
    How is this a competitive market for consumers as gas and power deals are set up with one sole supplier?Low water retail margins are being propped up by gas and power broker commissions, is this good for customers?
    Perhaps we should blame OFWAT for the low margins ?
    Who is next we wonder, for instance what about the large gas and power firms obtaining a water retail licence? That happened months ago Yu Energy have a water retail licence trading as Yu Water and of course Regent Gas trading as Regent Utilities they too have a water retail licence.
    There is no doubt the utilities market is in turmoil with those that are in it trying to formulate their business plans in an attempt to figure out where to best place their business.
    It is really a sad state of affairs that the water retailers are becoming effectively brokers.
    Instead they should live up to their promises to deliver excellent customer service, sort out their water billing issues and focus on the water industry in all its forms.


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