Utilitywise and Dell sign internet of things energy management deal


binaryUtilitywise and Dell have partnered to sell connected energy management solutions into the UK market. The two firms believe they can open up automated demand reduction and response to SMEs.

Dell sees energy management as a strong application of the internet of things (IoT). The aim is to connect disparate systems and devices, such as HVAC, refrigeration, lighting and security, into a single automated building energy management system.

“IoT technology is changing the way we live, work and do business,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, commercial IoT solutions, Dell. “We know the IoT can provide a number of advantages to the energy management industry such as reducing waste, identifying efficiencies and cost savings.”

He added that the firm had partnered with Utilitywise, which has 29,000 UK and Ireland customers, because “we believe they have the infrastructure, industry knowledge and market reach to introduce innovative IoT solutions.”

Utilitywise COO Brin Sheridan said IoT technology was a natural next step for its existing building controls business.

“When we acquired t-mac, we recognised that the emerging IoT landscape would complement its cloud-based analytics and controls solution. Now, in addition to providing traditional BeMS users with enhanced solutions, IoT technologies will enable Utilitywise to offer affordable solutions to SMEs who are usually priced out of this market.”

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