Wall-mounted heat/energy meter


The U1000-WM (Wall Mount) is a new addition to the Micronics ULTRAFLO range of Clamp-on, Heat/Energy and Flow meters.

U1000 Heat/Energy and Flow meters are now available in the original pipe-mounted or new wall-mounted, display & keyboard format with an extended pipe range.

The U1000MKII is a clamp-on, ultrasonic heat meter alternative to traditional inline energy meters, for energy management and billing applications in domestic and commercial, district or shared heating or cooling systems, which offers significant installation cost and dry maintenance benefits over traditional in-line products. And the new U1000 Wall Mount version offers the alternative of Clamp-on pipe-mounted flow and temperature sensors but with a wall or control panel, display and keyboard plus an extended range to cover larger pipe size applications.

Micronics has built on its success with the ULTRAFLO U1000 heat/energy & flow meter range to develop a WM (Wall Mount) version, which extends the pipe size to cover applications from 25mm – 225mm (8”) OD pipe and the temperature range to 135°C.

And while the U1000MKII-WM can still be used as a stand-alone product, in the all important area of connectivity the new product supports optional Mbus or Modbus RTU slave and RS485 serial communications for aM&T or BEMs systems.

Simple to install: connect power and enter the pipe inside diameter, adjust the sensors and clamp-on the pipe with no specialist skills or tools required but now with the added flexibility of an alternative wall or panel mounted keyboard and display and a wider range of applications. The U1000 MKII heat/energy and flow meters offer an alternative to traditional in-line meter installation, with no drain-down required plus dry servicing, providing minimum downtime and maximum availability.


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