Watford Football Club hits the back of the net with its ambitious net zero goal


Watford FC has committed to net zero and begun its transformational journey to do its part, Watford FC’s Head of Procurement and Sustainability, Tarang Panchal, said, “We have the vision, the passion, and commitment to pursue net zero and play our part in reversing the climate emergency. But we realise the road to net zero, without a knowledgeable partner, would be an insurmountable task.”

Watford FC recognises the influential role it plays in the community and wants to lead by example. They are committed to inspiring local businesses and future generations to embrace the net zero agenda. It has chosen to partner with ClearVUE, a consultancy helping businesses develop comprehensive strategies to achieve their net zero targets.

As well as offering technology that provides businesses with a consumption, carbon monitoring and accounting platform, ClearVUE also offers expertise in audits, energy efficiency training, energy management, climate risk assessments, and emissions reporting legislation (ESOS, SECR). ClearVUE’s consultancy services also help businesses devise long-term strategies, guiding them on the pathway to realising their net zero and sustainability ambitions.

As part of the partnership with Watford FC, ClearVUE will be conducting a full audit of the club’s carbon emissions in both its upstream and downstream supply chains and will help Watford FC develop and implement an end-to-end net zero roadmap to be delivered over the next decade.

With clearly defined and actionable milestones, ClearVUE’s comprehensive strategy will allow Watford FC to take real-world, practical measures that have a lasting and meaningful impact on their journey towards net zero. Watford FC’s Tarang Panchal, continued: “It’s been hard to find a partner that not only aligns with our sustainability and net zero ambitions, but also has the expertise and knowledge to guide us on the net zero journey. We can’t stress enough the importance of finding the right partner, but with ClearVUE, we are confident we have the right partner to help us drive towards our longer-term objectives.”


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