Whistl begins electric vehicle rollout


Parcel delivery company Whistl has begun the rollout of electric vehicles in its fleet following a strategic review of its future transport needs.

Whistl will initially deploy four Maxus eDeliver 9 EVs covering customers in the Bristol area.

There will also be five of the vehicles for its Parcelhub brand, which offers a more regionalised approach with onsite local collections and consolidated volumes.

Whistl is also actively encouraging employees with a company car to choose a fully electric or hybrid option and has installed charging options at its Head Office and across its estate.

The company expects the rollout of charging infrastructure across its current 22 sites, in partnership with EO Charging, to be complete this year.

As new electric vehicles come into the market, Whistl says it will assess their suitability to replace current ICE fleet vehicles.

It recently announced its fleet renewal, including Peugeot Boxer 435 Vans which are on leases that enable Whistl to swap them with electric-powered replacements when they become available.

Alistair Cochrane, CEO at Whistl said: “I am pleased that we can begin rolling out electric vehicles in Bristol and for our Parcelhub brand.

“We want to transition our fleet as quickly as possible to non-ICE and are actively trying to find ways to overcome the size and weight restraints of current electric vehicles versus our operational requirements.

“It’s great that we will see our new Whistl and Parcelhub electric vehicles on the streets making a contribution to lowering our overall emissions and improving the quality of the environment in the areas.”


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