What UPS design features really matter to end users?



Next generation UPS technology has been developed with consideration for changing data centre deployment and capacity models – radically in the case of 5G and IoT technology growth – but also in response to the evolution of the market in the face of power shortages, regulation, economic and political uncertainty.

A new breed of modular UPS is now emerging, which is designed to meet central, regional and local data centre challenges by delivering high availability, scalability and serviceability, while optimising design and deployment time.

Modular designs are growing in popularity, according to Socomec’s Phil Dunn. The flexibility of a modular architecture enables an organisation to adapt – rapidly – to ever changing requirements. Providing the right kind of scalability is essential when it comes to managing short-term capacity demands – without risking system integrity. With hot-swap modules, the mean time to repair (MTTR) is also significantly reduced.

In today’s market, end users are demanding solutions to a range of key issues. When specifying UPS, they want to know:

  • How can I perform predictive maintenance?
  • How can the overall cost of ownership be reduced?
  • How can I improve resilience?

At the Data Centre Dynamics conference and exhibition, held in London, a new disruptive, modular UPS solution was presented by Socomec – the Modulys XL, designed to remove any single point of failure, reduce MTTR, while maximising uptime.

At a recent customer forum, the ability to independently test a module, was found to be a significant attraction for end users.

“If you have to carry out a repair on the system, you can remove the unit, with 360 degree access to all the parts within the power module; everything is replaceable on a cartridge, and once the work is completed, the system can be independently tested away from the critical infrastructure…This gives 100% confidence that the system is going to be secure,” explains Phil Dunn.

In this interview, Mission Critical Power asks Phil Dunn: what really matters to end users when it comes to UPS design?

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