Where is innovation in UPS technology heading?



Innovation in the field of Uninterruptible Power Supplies has “stood still” for a number of years, having reached a “plateau”, according Phil Dunn, from Socomec. However, all this is set to change – the sector is now transforming the design of the technology, focussing on increasing efficiency and modularity.

A new breed of modular UPS is now emerging, which is designed to meet central, regional and local data centre challenges by delivering high availability, scalability and serviceability, while optimising design and deployment time.

Next generation technology has been developed with consideration for changing data centre deployment and capacity models – radically in the case of 5G and IoT technology growth – but also in response to the evolution of the market in the face of power shortages, regulation, economic and political uncertainty.

“In terms innovation, we are no longer focussing on just the infrastructure; the market is now looking at: can you perform predictive maintenance? How can you reduce the overall cost of ownership of the system? How can you make a system more robust and improve its reliability?” comments Phil Dunn.

At the Data Centre Dynamics conference and exhibition, held in London, a new disruptive, modular UPS solution was presented by Socomec – the Modulys XL, designed to remove any single point of failure.

Speaking to Mission Critical Power, in the latest of a series of interviews, Phil Dunn provides an insight into innovation in the UPS sector and offers some predictions on how the technology will evolve to meet the changing demands of mission critical IT applications, in the future.

This latest video is the third in a series of interviews by Mission Critical Power.




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