Wind blows renewable power generation records away


An exceptionally windy start to the year blew away UK renewable power generation records, according to consultancy EnAppSys.

The firm calculates that renewables generated 35.4TWh of power during the first quarter, amounting to 44.6 per cent of total generation. That means renewable generation, up from 27.2TWh year on year, exceeded gas and coal combined for the first time.

After renewables’ contribution to the mix, some 29.1 per cent of power came via gas-fired plants, 15.3 per cent from nuclear plants, 7.3 per cent from power imports and 3.7 per cent from coal plants.

EnAppSys director Paul Verrill said the figures represent “a significant milestone for Britain’s power industry”.

Meanwhile, coronavirus lockdown measures will continue to soften demand and power prices, according to the firm.

“The COVID-19 outbreak had only a slight impact on overall demand in Q1 as the ‘stay at home’ requirements only came into force towards the end of March. We expect a greater impact in Q2 – especially if the lockdown continues until the end of June,” said Verrill.

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