Drivers across England’s north west can now benefit from a major grid rollout of rapid EV charge points across the region’s busiest motorway services, thanks to SP Energy Networks.

Additional electrical capacity boosting installation of around 350 rapid EV charging points across Burtonwood, Hapsford, Knutsford, Lymm and Sandbach services is now in place, thanks to the DNO’s £60 million investment plans to support the region’s transition to low carbon motoring.

The upgrade work involved the installation of new electricity substations at the five sites and connecting them to the existing grid through new underground cables.

The upgrade to the local electricity network was delivered as part of SP Energy Network’s Green Recovery Investment Project, a £61.7m investment in new low-carbon connections.

The North West wants to be the UK’s first net zero region by 2040. SP Energy says its upgrade will give EV users on the region’s motorways greater confidence that they can complete low-carbon journeys over long distances.

Guy Jefferson, SP Networks’ operations chief, said: “Getting our network ready for net zero means making sure the capacity needed to support greener technologies is in place ahead of rising demand. That’s what Green Recovery Investment is all about.

“The work we have completed across the five motorway service sites will help make low-carbon travel a reality for more and more people, supporting them to make the switch to electric transport and do their bit on the journey to net zero.

“What we’ve delivered is a real game-changer for the region, “This is just one example of how we’re working to ensure we provide the reliable, resilient and smart grid that will support people, communities and businesses to make the transition to a cleaner, greener and better future, quicker – and there will be lots more to come.”

Ken McMeikan, chief executive of services chain Moto, added: We are delighted with SP Energy Network’s efforts and dedication in upgrading the electricity network in Cheshire. These network upgrades will be pivotal in helping us deliver on our commitment to supporting a more sustainable future of motoring, particularly as 2030 and the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars draws closer.

“Increased electrical capacity for Ultra-Rapid electric vehicle charging points at Moto Lymm and Moto Knutsford services will help us serve EV commuters”

EV campaigners say regional disparities mean electric vehicle chargers are often confined to the largest UK cities, limiting access to the reliable charging for long distance travel, deemed vital to in Britain’s uptake of electric vehicles.

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