World’s first certification to Tier IV of an IP-Bus system

A world first for NextDC and Piller – the first certification to Tier IV of an IP-Bus system

Australian colocation provider NextDC’s B2 data centre in Brisbane has been awarded Tier IV constructed facility certification from the Uptime Institute, the data centre advisory and certification organisation. The accreditation is unique in that it is claimed to be the first in the world to achieve this certification by use of an N+1 IP-bus system, eliminating the need for N+N UPS systems.

The B2 power solution employs IP-bus technology from Piller which provides a combination of fault tolerance and concurrent maintainability without the need for N+N redundant UPS. This is accomplised by a patented ‘Delta-droop’ control via Piller Uniblock UPS and gensets paralleled at the UPS output.

Piller Group’s Managing Director, Global Business, Andrew Dyke commented: “Piller’s IP-Bus solution combines the advantages of isolated redundant and parallel redundant UPS configurations resulting in outstanding maintainability and fault tolerance characteristics; an excellent way to optimise redundancy, resilience and total ownership costs. This is Tier IV functionality without the capital and operating expense of system redundant UPS.”

NextDC’s Head of Engineering and Design, Jeff Van Zetten, said:“Achieving Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Certification is partly about keeping the design elegantly simple, and keeping the paths separated to make it fault tolerant. The data centres that we build and operate are infrastructure for the future, and they have to meet the highest reliability standards.

“Although some data centre companies try to achieve a Tier IV facility and gain preliminary design documents certification, they often don’t build it according to the Tier IV-certified design or have the facility tested and certified by Uptime Institute. Our team put in an exceptional effort to have B2 ready for Uptime Institute to perform the most rigorous site inspections and fault tolerance testing to prove that NextDC is the first data centre operator in Australia to actually deliver on the promise of Tier IV reliability.”


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