Doncaster and Islington launch local energy companies via Robin Hood

Islington Cllr Claudia Webbe at the launch event

Nottingham’s Robin Hood Energy will partner two new white label operations. Islington Council’s Angelic Energy launched this week while Doncaster’s Great North Energy launches next month.

Both are not-for-profit and have similar aims to help lift residents out of fuel poverty.

Doncaster said its collective switching exercise in 2014 cut bills by £450,000. It believes it can save households more money via its own energy brand.

Islington has the same goals. It estimates residents could save up to £277 per annum by switching to its standard fixed tariff.

The councils join Derby in opting to white label via Robin Hood in recent weeks. Other Robin Hood partners include Liverpool’s ‘The Leccy‘ and Leeds’ White Rose Energy.

Both Nottingham and the UK’s other fully licensed municipal energy company, Bristol now seek relationships with brokers to scale their business energy supply operations.

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