WPD rethinks demand-side response plans, relaunches Flexible Power platform


Western Power Distribution has redesigned its demand-side response platform and is calling for businesses within its East Midlands network to consider selling their flexible load or generation to help balance the distribution system.

Its revamped service goes live in April, with expressions of interest from firms in the M1-M40 corridor due by the end of next week (15 December).

The DNO had originally planned a slightly different platform, wrapping in Triad and STOR services, managing revenue stacking and contracting directly with end user firms in many cases. That approach had caused some competition concerns among suppliers and aggregators.

Following discussions with Ofgem and its own stakeholders, WPD has therefore reworked its plans and now hopes half-hourly metered businesses will sign up to three services, provided they can deliver power or cut consumption for at least two hours. However, it will likely work primarily through aggregators and other third parties, who will manage the services and revenue stacking for participants.

Following the rethink, the three options available to businesses are:

  • Secure – designed to manage peak demand on the network, it’s expected it will be required on weekday evenings throughout the year.
  • Dynamic – developed to support the network in the event of a fault during maintenance periods, which usually take place during British Summer Time.
  • Restore – designed to support the network or help with restoration during a fault.

Businesses can provide either Secure or Dynamic services, depending on where they are based. Requirement windows are declared in advance to allow customers to participate in alternative services when not required by Flexible Power. Restore services are available in all areas.

All services require businesses to respond within 15 minutes of a request and payment structures are outlined in the tables below:

The trials will take place from April 2018 to March 2019 and businesses have until 5pm on December 15 to register an expression of interest on the Flexible Power website.

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