Western Power Distribution ramps up demand response trials, calls for participants



solarWestern Power Distribution is urging companies participating in National Grid’s new demand-side response service to take part in its own parallel demand turn-up trials.

Demand turn-up essentially pays companies to use more power when there is excess generation on the national power system, usually from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

As National Grid firms up expressions of interest for its Demand Turn-Up service, WPD is keen for those firms within its distribution area to simultaneously take part in its own operational trials, which will take place over the summer. By identifying customers who are capable of shifting their demand, the network operator hopes to be able to absorb extra generation locally and determine the reliability as well as the predictability of such a service.

By running in parallel with National Grid’s service launch, WPD wants to ensure conflicts the national power system and local power networks are minimised.

WPD’s trial in effect is a reverse of its Project Falcon, funded under Ofgem’s low carbon network innovation programme, which paid companies to reduce power usage during winter peaks. Now it wants to pay them to increase power during the summer months, when there is likely to be higher levels of embedded solar generation on its network.

The network operator aims to recruit demand customers who have load that is sufficiently flexible to shift within 24 hours notice.

To get involved, contact either mwatson@westernpower.co.uk or ggswandells9@westernpower.co.uk.

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