WPD seeks companies to take part in IntraFlex flexibility market trial


Interested in participating in the flexibility markets but put off by the notification timescales? Then you might find that a new Western Power Distribution (WPD) Innovation project is worth a very close look.

The IntraFlex project kicked off in November with the aim of understanding and reducing the impact of DNO flexibility services on the wider electricity market. It’s using the NODES marketplace to achieve closer to real-time procurement and creating more links to suppliers.

WPD DSO and Future Networks Manager, Nigel Turvey says: “Having refined the market design, we now want to understand how many organisations are willing to take part in a trial. At the moment we only want expressions of interest – that will tell us whether a trial is viable and supply us with potential locations.”

The trial is open to existing Flexible Power participants as well as potential flexibility services providers who can provide a reduction in demand or increase in generation. It will be split into two phases: Phase One will focus on the closer to real time markets while Phase Two considers the additional services to reduce the impact on the supply market. Phase One is expected to run from August to September with Phase Two planned for spring 2021.

Participants can expect a similar value proposition to that available through Flexible Power, between £1.5 – 6k per MW over the duration of the project. This is subject to the total volume of participants as well as the actual volumes and prices submitted by each participant.

Turvey adds: “We hope that operating closer to real time will make the service accessible to parties who could not guarantee delivery further ahead of time. Registering an interest does not commit either party to proceeding to a full trial but will allow us to determine trial feasibility and locations.”

To express an interest, complete the registration form and send it to WPDInnovation@westernpower.co.uk by 25 March 2020.


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