Zenobe picks EDF to trade 59MW of battery storage


Battery storage developer Zenobe has picked EDF to trade flexibility from 59MW of grid-scale assets.

The utility will optimise three of Zenobe’s operational batteries at Claredown, Aylesford and Kings Barn, giving the developer greater access to wholesale and balancing markets as well as ancillary services. The deal also includes contracts for supply and offtake of energy.

Crucially, EDF will provide Zenobe with a floor price ensuring minimum income levels are protected. The utility took a similar approach when undertaking a trading arrangement with Anesco for its Clayhill Farm solar-storage site. 

 Zenobe founder director said the structure was “flexible, innovative” and “offers us a great deal of optionality … It allows us to retain overall control on allocating the assets for maximum benefit”.

EDF commercial lead, Stuart Fenner, said the firm, which has plans to amass a 10GW battery portfolio across all of its markets, is intent on developing similar deals in order to build out its UK storage proposition.


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