Aggreko has increased its global investment in mobile battery energy storage solutions (BESS) to around $200m, allowing more industries to access the latest in battery technology as they transition to net zero emissions, add resilience, improve efficiency and overcome power capacity constraints.

The introduction of this larger European fleet of small, mid- and large-size BESS forms part of Aggreko’s Greener Upgrades initiative, which is aimed at supporting customers move to greener solutions. In 2023, Aggreko Europe invested over $140m in its Greener Upgrades portfolio, increasing its fleet of new steam boilers, Stage V generators, battery storage, oil free air compressors and chillers.

As companies look to reduce their emissions in line with net zero targets and strategies, the ability to draw on temporary solutions that enable them to navigate the energy transition, balancing the need for resilience with economic viability. Being able to adopt this technology will enable the organisations to balance their power use and improve flexibility as they introduce more renewable power provision to their sites.

Rodrigo Salim, Head of Product Line – Battery & Energy Storage at Aggreko said, “Many industries are making their transition to renewable power, and within that must balance intermittency and the skills gap. By consulting closely with customers and providing greener solutions like BESS in a rental capacity, we can help unlock opportunities for our customers so they can scale up their own decarbonisation efforts.”

Whether using a battery solution in a hybrid set-up or on their own, Aggreko says the enhanced BESS fleet will help in reducing emissions, lower NOx fuel consumption and help to solve capacity constraints and provide off-grid power resilience as part of a decentralised energy solution.


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