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What do you like to read before turning in for the night? Do you prefer a page-turning thriller? Or would you rather delve deeply into the classics? Some of us, though, find that there’s nothing like a UK government energy report to send us to sleep, writes Dylan Crompton, head of corporate sales at British Gas Business.

Each summer, the UK’s energy department (BEIS) publishes the previous year’s energy statistics. The recently released figures for 2017 fall into two reports.

If you find the UK’s energy network fascinating, these reports tell a compelling tale. In fact, through expert eyes, you can see a narrative complete with heroes and villains – and a nail-biting finale.

This year’s plot revolved around rising renewable energy and falling consumption. In our story, the traditional baddies – those troublesome fossil fuels and no-good carbon emissions – are on the run.

  • In 2017, the UK used less fossil fuels than ever before
  • We generated almost 30% of our electricity from renewables (30% is the UK’s 2020 target for renewable electricity generation.)
  • Overall carbon emissions fell by 12 million tonnes.

You may think that we’re all heading for ‘happily ever after’. But let’s be wary with that conclusion. Rather than wrapping up a long novel, we’re in the middle of a chapter.

Strong winds and a mild winter helped create 2017’s outstanding results. But if winds and temperatures drop this year, we’re likely to see a different story next year. Luckily, there’s a twist. You’re not just the reader in this story. You can be one of the key characters.

Why wait to find out how 2018 ends? Why worry what the following years have in store?  You can take these recent positive events and build on them. You can write your own story.

Through our parent company Centrica, British Gas can provide your business with the latest energy solutions. You can control the energy narrative of your own business – and help shift the storyline across the UK.

We enable customers to access renewable energy through either certificate-backed supply contracts or providing access to power purchase agreements with renewable energy generators.  We are also providing customers with an innovative green gas solution to further reduce carbon emissions.  This is supported by a service business that installs lower carbon technology such as solar PV, CHP, biomass and heat pumps.

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