The impact of widening the Energy Intensive Industry Exemption


To ensure the UK meets its low carbon targets, the government has introduced several policies that are driving renewable growth. The cost of electricity has also increased, which has made UK prices higher than in other countries.

Certain energy intensive industries (EIIs), including plastics, steel and mining, are exempt from a significant proportion of environmental subsidies to help them compete with EU counterparts.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is consulting on widening the eligibility of charging relief for EIIs.

The aim is to discover whether lowering the electricity intensity test, a calculation to determine the percentage of electricity cost against Gross Value Added, would remove competitive distortions in the market.

Changes to qualification are not expected to come into force until 1st April 2020 at the earliest, but could add another 1% onto electricity costs for non-exempt users.

Inspired Energy manages a range of clients in energy intensive sectors, including initial applications and compliance with the scheme’s reporting requirements.

We have saved over £400,000 per annum for clients in both the automotive and semiconductor sectors. Does your business use more than 1.5GWh per annum?

Get in touch today to see if you qualify. Simply email or call us on 01772 689 250.

Inspired Energy’s Value Proposition

Thousands of Industrial and Commercial energy consumers choose to work with Inspired Energy because of our team’s proven track record in delivering cost and efficiency savings.

We make this happen through our value proposition of Buy it well; Use it better; Make your own; Do it right.

Buy it well

Organisations face increasing utilities costs and the associated administration of paying bills correctly. Our buy it well proposition ensures your energy procurement strategy is bespoke and meets your specific needs.

Analysing energy prices is a complex and daily task. We solve that complexity by providing access to our market analysts and risk managers which most businesses don’t have in-house. We create and deliver bespoke fixed or flexible procurement strategies that suit your budgetary needs and appetite-for-risk, often driving significant savings.

Once you have supply contracts in place, invoicing and forecasting processes are complicated, particularly when budget certainty is required.

We simplify this by making sure you are charged correctly and by taking control of the administration of your utility invoices. We apply this expertise to integrate with your accounting processes, so that your finance teams can comply with their accounting obligations.

Use it better

Organisations need to lower operating costs by better using what energy they buy. Understanding how you use energy and water is key to helping your organisation identify wastage, reduce consumption and save costs. We help you to measure, visualise and optimise your consumption patterns to avoid unnecessary costs and monetise opportunities.

Make your own

Organisations need to diversify how they source their energy to offset rising energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. To futureproof against rising energy costs and create new revenue streams or achieve sustainability goals, we can help you invest into self-generation or renewable energy schemes.

Once you have optimised your utilities cost situation, you can look to structurally improve the baseline of your operations through calculated capital investment and savings based programmes. Inspired Energy’s team of experts will support you in making that investment decision and verifying the subsequent return on investment.

Do it right

Organisations need to comply with energy legislation and display best practice in sustainability. In order to achieve this, we help you manage your interactions with the suppliers and third parties. Revenue recovery audits identify structural overcharging by suppliers and we make sure you receive the refunds due to you, creating a clean dataset for future energy procurement and efficiency programmes.

The energy legislative landscape is varied and complex. We ensure you remain aware of existing and future energy laws and regulations and help you comply with your statutory duties. We help you obtain any cost relief by applying for environmental management schemes and achieve best practice through energy management accreditations and standards.

Want to find out more about EII from industry experts such as BEIS, ICON  and Inspired Energy? Join our free webinar on Monday 17th September at 3pm. To register your place simply visit and complete the available form, before 4pm Friday 14th September.

Inspired Energy rated as leading UK TPI in Cornwall Insight’s I&C Index

Cornwall Insight, recently released its Q1 2018 update ‘TPIs in the Business and Industrial energy Supply Markets’ ranking Inspired Energy as the leading TPI in the Industrial & Commercial (“I&C”) sector index rankings out of the 111 TPI’s shortlisted.

Importantly the independent report is based on the opinions of business energy suppliers, which reinforces Inspired’s strong positioning within the TPI market and that it’s development and growth strategy is well received.

With the recent acquisitions of ECM and SystemsLink, Inspired Energy was earmarked as a strong influencer in the consolidation of the I&C TPI market, also gaining a strong endorsement by being featured in the top 5 of TPIs who meet supplier needs best.

This report reaffirms Inspired’s position as the market leaders in the UK TPI sector, which the Company attributes to its great team with their great breadth and depth of expertise and excellent levels of service and advice to the Group’s growing client base.

Gareth Miller, CEO of Cornwall Insight, commented: “TPIs are responding to rising competition across the market through transactions, better technology and utilising their expertise beyond the transactional nature of brokering energy supply contracts. Following its recent acquisitions and wider market activity, Inspired Energy has been successful in moving to first place in our Q118 I&C TPI index.

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