BYD has launched its all-new electric double-decker bus, the BD11, which is due to begin operating in the UK shortly,

Specifically designed for London, the Chinese manufacturer plans to introduce a provincial version of the bus to follow soon after.

The BD11 features BYD’s Blade Battery, which the manufacturer says provides exceptional range, performance, and fast charging capabilities with a battery capacity of up to 532kWh.

It also offers flexible and rapid charging options, supporting dual-gun charging and pantograph fast charging up to 500kW, which means the vehicle can be recharged from 0 to 100% in two hours.

The battery is integrated into the chassis to save weight, increase driving range, and improve stability and manoeuvrability, while also increasing interior space for passengers.

In addition, the BYD BD11 is equipped with an integrated thermal management system to optimise energy utilisation.

BYD has developed its own powertrain systems, power batteries, automotive semiconductors, motors and motor controller systems.

Frank Thorpe, Managing Director, BYD UK Commercial Vehicles said, “BYD is committed to technological innovation and spearheading the global transition towards eco-conscious public transportation.

“The BYD BD11 will play a pivotal role in contributing to the reduction of air pollution in London and, soon after, the UK’s wider carbon neutrality goals.

“We are proud to launch our own all-new electric double decker bus with highly innovative, world-leading technology for safe and reliable electric mobility, providing operators with modern eco-friendly eBus options that meet their specifications, thus providing more people the choice to use clean, non-polluting bus services in the future.”


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