Saving tonnes: The environmental benefits of switching to LPG


In last month’s LPG spotlight, Flogas looked at the significant cost-saving benefits of LPG. This week, the firm focusses on LPG’s environmental benefits.

Traditionally, oil was the fuel of choice for businesses operating off the mains gas grid, but with energy efficiency and environmental impact becoming increasingly important, LPG is emerging as the front-running alternative. So what are the environmental reasons driving off-grid companies to switch from oil to LPG?

LPG is typically cleaner than other fossil fuels, helping to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It emits 15% less CO2 than kerosene, 29% less than gas oil and 25% less than heavy fuel oil (HFO).

When combined with more efficient gas burners, the CO2 savings are even higher, reaching 30-50%.

Additionally, LPG emits virtually no soot; it doesn’t pose a risk to soil and groundwater and emits lower nitrogen and sulphur oxides (NOx and SOx) than most other fuels.

Flogas Britain, a leading UK LPG supplier, has more than 30 years’ experience helping off-grid businesses make the transition from oil to gas. The environmental savings benefit all industries, as these examples show:

Case 1: Rodda’s 

Pic credit: Toby Weller

Rodda’s has been making Cornish clotted cream in the heart of Cornwall since 1890.

Wishing to minimise its carbon footprint (while at the same time reducing costs), Rodda’s knew the time had come to move away from oil as the energy source for its production processes.

The company’s main use of fuel is for steam generation.  According to Rodda’s operations manager Chris Quelch: “Since installing our LPG system, we’ve reduced CO2 emissions by 70 tonnes a year. This is hugely important to us given our focus on hitting our set environmental targets”.

Case 2: Lords of the Manor Hotel

Lords of the Manor Hotel is a former 17th century rectory with a Michelin-starred restaurant, which has won three AA Rosettes for its fine food.

The hotel was using oil for its central heating and water system. Flogas was invited to investigate an energy-saving solution that would be able to serve the heating and hot water needs of the hotel and its kitchen.

It is estimated that the conversion project will aid the Lords of the Manor’s environmental aims by reducing the hotel’s carbon emissions by more than 22%.

Could your business benefit?

To find out more about LPG and what it could do for your business, talk to Flogas today by calling 0800 028 3802 – or visit

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