Catalyst installs 30 EV charging points in Northern Ireland


Technology hub Catalyst has installed 30 EV charging points across its sites in Northern Ireland as it looks to achieve carbon net zero by 2040.

The company has invested more than £400,000 in 24 ChargePoint chargers installed at its Belfast campus and six at its Londonderry site.

This will almost double the amount of EV charging points available in Belfast which currently stands at 36.

Another part of the project includes the installation of solar panels to its Innovation Centre in Belfast, that will allow Catalyst to reduce its purchase of external energy – which emits more carbon – by 10 per cent.

Mervyn Watley, director of property & community at Catalyst said, “The installation of the EV car charging points on our sites is a great advancement in our journey to Net Zero.

“We understand that with the low number of EV charging points currently in Belfast, some people may have been reluctant to make the move to electric vehicles.

“We hope that by making electric car charging more accessible to the community, we will encourage people to make the switch to a cleaner alternative to gas or diesel vehicles.

“We are also excited to bring solar energy to the site in Belfast in the coming months. Solar power is a green, renewable source of energy and does not release any carbon dioxide into the environment, helping to further reduce our carbon footprint.

“We all have a part to play in building a more sustainable future and we are committed to making a difference.”


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