Centrica Business Solutions: The Evolution of Energy – free report


The energy landscape is changing and this is creating opportunities for how businesses use and manage energy. Many are already thinking about how energy can contribute to business growth and drive deeper efficiencies. Local generation options (also known as distributed energy) are becoming more accessible and tools built on Internet of Things technology are providing the means to understand and manage energy use more effectively. 

In our experience, many companies have seen their energy costs fall after investing in advanced energy solutions. Those that have a formalised energy strategy linked to their business strategy are more likely to be experiencing strong financial performance. The benefits aren’t just financial. They’re also experiencing improved company reputation and greater resilience to power disruptions.

All of these benefits are redefining the importance of energy discussions among senior stakeholders. The focus is shifting from short-term concerns about cost and resilience. Instead, business leaders increasingly want to talk about investing for greater independence and flexibility in the future. The most advanced want to know how energy can help them make money or off-set operational costs.

We wanted to validate what we’ve seen and heard from our customers, and quantify how quickly businesses are changing how they think about energy.

Our Energy Advantage Report sets out the key findings from our research. For more information visit: https://www.centricabusinesssolutions.com/energy-advantage-report


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