Smartest Energy starts trading flex on spot markets, eyes Balancing Mechanism


Energy supplier and aggregator Smartest Energy has started trading flexibility on the spot markets.

The firm has been dispatching 6MW into day ahead and within-day markets over the past two weeks, and said it plans to add “significant additional capacity” in the coming weeks.

The company said it would also enable access to the Balancing Mechanism, National Grid’s real-time balancing market, for distributed generators “in the near future”.

Smartest uses Origami’s technology platform. It is also prototyping a ‘turndown’ product that will enable companies with flexible consumption to trade their load within ancillary and wholesale and balancing markets.

The Marubeni-owned company already provides this service for Triad avoidance and Capacity Market participation to its 2,500 industrial and commercial energy supply customers.

James Graham, vice president of Asset Optimisation at Smartest Energy said the firm was also preparing for a “big product launch in 2019″.

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