Centrica sharpens EV focus


Centrica says it has created a dedicated electric vehicles team to operate across its business and consumer divisions.

The company previously had an EV Services business, but said while that unit focuses purely on charging infrastructure, the new Mobility Ventures team aims to bundle energy supply, management, infrastructure and finance.

While car companies such as Volkswagen attempt to enter the energy supply market, Centrica said its Mobility Ventures unit is working with car manufacturers to create an ‘end-to-end’ solution.

Centrica also has an eye on using electric vehicles to help balance the grid and its trading position. The company recently increased its investment in Israeli EV technology company Driivz, with exploration of vehicle-to-grid services part of the rationale.

The company’s business division aims to bundle associated infrastructure, such as battery storage and onsite generation with EV charging and services. Centrica acquired flexibility platform Restore in late 2017. The company’s technology could be used to optimise flexibility from EV-related generation and infrastructure.

National Grid has indicated storage from electric vehicles could reach ‘useful levels’ from a system perspective from around 2030.

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