Clean hydrogen on the move: Getech’s H2 Green pumps up the volume


Hydrogen-as-motor-fuel producer H2 Green is set to expand deployment in Scotland and northern England.

H2 Green is part of analytics and infrastructure operator Getech Group.  Today the parent announced a deal with Element Two, a developer of hydrogen retail hubs, aimed at increasing pumps dispensing the clean gas across its UK network to 800 by 2027, and 2,000 by the end of the decade.

Ireland is also part of the parties’ strategic intent.

The gas provider and the hub developer have given themselves a year on a non-binding basis to map their collected sites for co-location opportunities, including storage, pumping and sales to truck drivers and commercial vehicle fleets.

High-traffic locations in and around cities are a priority.  A physical demonstrator forecourt is envisaged, followed by a binding agreement, covering longer term co-development.

Getech CEO Jonathan Copus commented, “Green hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonisation of commercial transportation”.

“The development of green hydrogen hubs will be a crucial component of our cities’ plans to decarbonise and meet their net zero targets”.

Scoping the venture, Getech would contribute state-of-the-art analytics, combing them with significant data gathered by Element 2 on fuel customer habits.

These steps are important as we believe they have the potential to accelerate the creation of the first UK-wide hydrogen network, which supports the UK government in the implementation of its energy transition objectives of decarbonisation and green job creation”, Copus added.

No investment costs were revealed for the embryonic partnership.   Getech Group’s share price jumped 16.5% on today’s announcement, advancing to 27.5 pence by 16:00 hours.


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