Decarbonisation as a service: Mitie touts ‘zero carbon for zero cost’


FM firm Mitie is pushing decarbonisation as a service, promising it can help businesses hit net zero goals for net zero cost.

The company claims the right products and services will “often” pay for themselves. Using a funded model, this means firms can decarbonise at no upfront cost with the energy, cost and carbon savings paying off capital investment – much like an energy performance contract model.

Mitie, which has committed to double energy productivity and decarbonise its operations by 2025, is applying the same approach across its own business.

The firm is initially focusing on areas including:

  • Modernising HVAC, electrical and lighting systems
  • Decarbonising power/onsite renewables and storage
  • Carbon strategy and compliance

Managing director of technical services and integrated FM, Carlo Alloni, said businesses trying to return to normal post-lock downs should consider how to enable a green economic recovery and lock in environmental benefits.

He said by identifying solutions that cut cost and energy, “these investments pay for themselves, essentially achieving zero carbon goals for zero cost”.

The company, which is engaged in the UK’s largest commercial electric vehicle rollout across its fleet, is now also attempting to leverage that experience across its customer-base.


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