DNOs launch open database detailing generators over 1MW


Distribution network operators have launched a ‘system-wide resource register’, an open database containing details of some 5,000 distribution connected assets 1MW upwards.

This includes battery storage, diesel and gas gensets, CHP units, plus solar and wind generation.

The databases have been provided by each DNO. They detail what type of generation is connected where and its capacity – both for generation already connected and schemes that have accepted connections agreements. The registers also include whether the generating units are providing commercial flexibility services.

Industry association, the ENA, said network operators have created the database in order to provide greater visibility over assets connected to local grids.

It should help both the national system operator, National Grid ESO, and aggregators better understand where flexible assets exist.

The ENA said this in turn will help boost flexibility markets, both local and national.

It will also show developers where opportunity exists, and where connections may are more or less viable.

The asset registers will be updated monthly.

See the registers here.

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