Liberty Global to rollout 1,200 EV chargepoints through telecoms boxes


Liberty Global plans to rollout 1,200 on-street electric vehicle chargepoints powered through its telecoms boxes.

Subsidiary Virgin Media operates some 40,000 units across the UK and said it plans to build a “fully scalable” smart network using the connectivity they provide.

The project, which has InnovateUK backing, brings together a consortium of partners, including: Vattenfall, SMS, Cenex, Ginger Town, Fully Charged, Connected Kerb, DETA and Loughborough University as well as local authorities and councils in the West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Liverpool, Southend on Sea, Worcestershire, Wandsworth, Croydon, Northamptonshire,  Hammersmith & Fulham and Belfast.

The first 1,200 chargers will be installed over the next 18 months. Liberty will operate them.

Vattenfall is part of the consortium. According to a spokesperson, the majority of chargers will be a mix of 22kWh and 7.4kWh. Pricing for local residents will usually be 30p/kWh, though their may be different tariffs based on local requirements. “For example, lower rates may apply overnight or rates could be slightly higher for non-local residents,” said the spokesperson.

Details here.

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