EV delivery firm Gnewt joins vehicle-to-grid trial


London-based Gnewt Cargo is the latest firm to join the E-Flex vehicle-to-grid trial, which aims to demonstrate the case for balancing the grid using electric vehicles.

The company, which uses 70 electric modified vans, will deploy bi-directional chargers at its East London depots to charge and discharge the vehicles to provide both commercial and power system benefits.

Gnewt founder Sam Clarke said the firm has delivered 10 million parcels over the last ten years, reducing its carbon emissions by 67 per cent.

“While EVs are critical for a cleaner future, the intense use of the grid is something we’re looking to reduce our role in,” said Clarke. “Through E-Flex, we’re able to sustainably carry on with our day-to-day operations, with charging our fleet becoming a less energy-dependent exchange, especially at peak times.”

E-Flex is funded by InnovateUK and involves the GLA, TfL, Cisco, Cenex, Imperial College London, E-Car Club and Nuvve. They are looking for more fleets to take part in the trial.

Firms that sign up will receive free bi-directional chargers and will be “best placed to understand what is coming, to better inform future decision-making in a de-risked fashion,” according to Cenex Infrastructure Strategy lead, Chris Rimmer.

Cisco head of innovation, Maria Hernandez, said participating in the trial offers “a win-win for fleets and distributors” for whom reducing carbon emissions “has never been more of a priority”.

“Reaching carbon neutrality is vital, but additionally E-Flex hopes to prove to businesses the commercial viability of a V2G infrastructure, helping to get the most out of fleets across the country,” she added.

Fleet owners interested in taking part can sign up here.

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