Flexible gas purchasing opens up to SMEs

Jaqui Fairfax
Jaqui Fairfax

Many businesses want to take advantage of the benefits of purchasing gas on the live energy markets that in the past have been restricted to larger organisations.

In this sponsored post, CUB (UK) Ltd, outlines how together with GDF Suez, it has developed an exclusive product that lowers the entry requirements for businesses looking for a flexible gas contract.

The Exclusive Purchasing Collective (EPC) allows businesses that consume more than 1 million kWh of gas a transition to live energy markets and access to the best energy prices through the CUB procurement team.

Structured around proactive purchasing, multiple purchases are made from a choice of four trading screens, to an agreed buying strategy, throughout the contract duration. In this way the EPC reduces the risk of taking one single fixed price, while retaining budget certainty. There is also a multiple choice of default mechanisms to take advantage of changing market conditions. These are features that will appeal to many businesses that are looking to reduce costs and deliver on their financials.

As members of the EPC are buying as a group the overall prices are immediately lower than they could achieve individually, due to the reduced risk premiums that suppliers apply to companies within group purchasing plans. However, the EPC is different to many other baskets. It is still a group of customers contracted together but importantly they are able to retain their individual cost base without subsidising the other members of the collective.

CUB has put this basket deal together with the end user firmly at the front of their minds and has negotiated bespoke terms and conditions that benefit and protect the members of the EPC, including the ability to change from a flexible contract back to a fixed contract at any time during the contract period.

Businesses considering flexible purchasing for the first time will be comforted to know that the EPC offers complete transparency of processes and prices together with regular reporting to provide all the information they need to satisfy themselves that they are on target to meet their budgets.

Jaqui Fairfax (FCCA)

CUB services include:

– Exclusive purchasing collective for gas and electricity

– Flexible purchasing

– Energy procurement for gas and electricity quotations

– Efficiency services that include water auditing and bill validation

– Management services that include on-site audits and KVA reduction


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