Free storage and decentralised energy seminar, Birmingham 17 January


On Wednesday, 17 January 2018, Powerstar is hosting a free energy seminar aimed at businesses interested in the UK’s current and future energy landscape. It will take place in the UK’s second largest city Birmingham, an area known for its continued growth and therefore increased demand in energy.

The event will cover the current energy landscape and the limitations it is experiencing before discussing the importance of the UK transitioning to a decentralised energy network to deliver a more reliable, efficient and smart power network.

Due to increasing fears over the resilience of the UK’s electricity grid, the concept of a decentralised energy network integrated with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities continues to gain momentum. This is further stimulated by recent enlightening statistics showing that blackouts and brownouts are becoming more frequent, with a staggering 46% increase recorded in 2016 compared to 2015.

During the seminar, Powerstar will explore how investment into smart systems will enable decentralisation to become a widespread reality in the UK, allowing energy sources to become more efficient and secure.

In addition to a future decentralised energy network, Powerstar will address the important role energy storage is set to play in securing the supply and protecting businesses against costly power failures by providing full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities to seamlessly take over from the grid supply when required.

Attending the free seminar will enable businesses to discover:

  • What a decentralised energy network is and how it works
  • How UPS works and why it is needed
  • The role of energy storage technology and UPS in a decentralised energy network
  • The limitations of traditional systems historically used to provide UPS
  • The ‘green’ benefits of UPS

Seminar Details
Date: Wednesday, 17 January 2018
Time: 09:00 – 11:00am (GMT)
Venue: Best Western Westley Hotel, Westley Road, Birmingham, B27 7UJ
RSVP: Register online, via email to or call 01142 576 200

Delegates will receive refreshments and breakfast pastries upon arrival. The venue provides free on-site parking and is less than a 10 minute walk from the nearest train station.

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